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COVID Summer Skill Sessions

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Starting July 6th Mark Zarbo Hockey will start offering skill sessions per NYS guidelines. Sessions will be a strict maximum of 20 players with 3 – 5 coaches to stay under the 25 person gathering mandate.

Sessions will focus on a wide variety of skills including skating, stickhandling, shooting & passing. Per state guidelines we are NOT allowed to play any games or drills where players will be in direct contact or battling directly against each other. Therefore, sessions will be all skill based.

Groups are split by age and by level of play. If you do not see a group that fits your player or have questions on which group your player should be in please contact us.

We did our best to make a schedule that gives multiple days, times (variety of morning and evening) and some weekend ice to choose from.  Players are able to pick and choose as few or as many dates as they would like to attend as well as the option of back to back 2 hour blocks.

Cost per session is based on how many total hours of ice you sign up for (quantity discounts). Each age group has around 50 hours of total ice to choose from. That way hopefully everyone can find some ice that works for their schedule. See sign up form at the very bottom of page for exact schedule. Please note, the sign up form will only list the currently open sessions! We will do our best to update the form and keep it current.

Families with multiple players can add their total number of sessions together to get their rate per session. Example, 2 players in 6 sessions each would be 12 total sessions or $20/session.

Please note due to current situation we will be more strictly enforcing our cancellation policy. We ask you to be courteous and mindful of this.

Session sign up is first come, first serve. To stay organized we will ONLY accept session sign up requests through submission of the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

Mark Zarbo Hockey Staff will be wearing masks while on the ice when near players. We do NOT have to wear masks while on the ice per NYS guidelines, but to keep you and our families safe we are choosing to do so. Rinks are responsible for cleaning locker rooms and all facilities. Per state guidelines only 2 spectators are allowed per player. All persons inside the rink must be wearing masks except when on the ice. Players are asked to social distance while in the locker rooms (stay 6 feet apart) and bring their own water bottles as none will be provided. Lastly, please be respectful and cooperative with any rink staff and rules that might be in place. Hockey is a PRIVLEDGE and something we hopefully will not lose again!


———Mite – Squirt House & Select Skill Sessions (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

———Mite AAA/AA Skill Sessions (2012, 2013, 2014 birth years)

———Squirt AAA/AA Skill Sessions (2010, 2011 birth years)

———Pewee AAA/AA Skill Sessions (2008, 2009 birth years)

———Bantam AAA/AA Skill Sessions (2006, 2007 birth years)

———Midget – Junior Skill Sessions (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 birth years)

**If you do not see a group that fits your player or have questions about which group your player should be in please contact us!


———1 – 6 hours ice = $25/hour

———7 – 11 hours ice = $22/hour

———12 – 16 hours ice = $20/hour

———17 or more hours ice = $18/hour

FAMILY DISCOUNTS = Players within the same household can add their total hours together to receive higher discounted rate. Example, 2 players in 6 hours of ice each would be 12 hours total or $20/hour rate versus $22/hour rate.



All ice will be held at Holiday Twins Rinks or Hyde Park Arena. Sign up form specifies location of each ice time.

How do I know that my sign up form was submitted?

You know your form was properly submitted if after submitting form you are redirected to a page stating your submission has been sent in. After that you will be redirected to sign a liability waiver. You will also receive an automatic email copy of the form you submitted.

Please give 24 – 48 hours to receive a response from Mark Zarbo Hockey confirming your submission was received, spot availability and payment information. Please note filling out a the submission form does not guarantee players a spot in camp(s).

Due to the high volume of submissions it is taking a longer then normal to process forms. We are doing our best to keep website updated and accurate! Please make sure to look for response back about any forms submitted!