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The Midget/Junior Summer Camp is a weekly camp for players (AAA/AA 2003, 2004, 2005 birth years).  The main purpose of this camp is to teach players how “think the game” and give them a preview into what playing junior/college hockey entails.

This program will teach players how to becoming more effective player by thinking the game and recognizing situations.  This program is designed like a class, with a progression of skills and concept building being directly applied to games.  Practices will be high intensity simulating junior/college level practices.  Controlled scrimmages will also be frequently used in practices to teach players how to apply skills learned and not just connect skills to drills but to specific game situations.  See below for full explanation of camp design and setup.

To see program availability and/or to sign up for any/all Spring & Summer Programs, please go to the sign up form at the very bottom of page.  



Midget Program: Tuesdays   8:00-9:30pm  Holiday Twin Rinks


Cost: $395         ($21.9/hour of ice)

  • 10 Practices— 1 ½ hour Ice Sessions (15 Hours Total Practice Ice)
  • 2 Full Games— 3- 15 minute periods (3 Hours Total Game Ice) 

     TOTAL ICE = 18 hours



  • Jersey Provided
  • All Games are taped and video broken down with voiced over corrections for players to review/learn
  • Players provided with video lessons and example learning clips of skills before each practice
  • Access to online database of video lessons for player review of lessons anytime
  • Front Row Sports Discount Card (15% off Skates & Sticks, 20% off Protective Gear)
  • Discounts for 3 on 3 Summer league ($185/player—normally $220/player–$15/hr ice (12 hours))
  • Discounts for Small Group Skill Sessions ($16/session—normally $25/single session)
  • Discounts to Forward and/or Defense Skill Sessions ($20/session–normally $25/single session)


GOALIES!  For summer 2020 Bob Janosz Goaltending Staff will again be present to work with all goalies every practice session.  Goalies signed up for Hockey IQ Program are eligible to play in 3 on 3 Cross-ice Development League at discounted rate of $95 (normally $185)–48% discount.  Sign up also requires sign up of a Bob Janosz Week Long Program.  For all details and/or to sign up for Mark Zarbo Hockey IQ Program as a goalie please visit


Design Your Own Personalized Summer Program!

At Mark Zarbo Hockey our mission Provide players of all ages & skill levels all-around programs, flexible scheduling, affordable prices/incentives & best in class training. Players will not find another program that is able to provide all of those parameters at the level Mark Zarbo Hockey does in the WNY/Buffalo area.

Example:  A player signed up for Midget-Junior Development Program, 3 on 3 Cross-ice League, 10 Small Group Skill Sessions and 5 Forward-Defense Sessions comes to 45 total hours of on-ice training. Applying discounts price per hour comes to $18.88/hour ice! This includes all the supplied video lessons, Hockey IQ Video Database, game video breakdown (Midget Program), jersey & Front Discount Card as well!


Why is this camp is designed the way it is?!

This camp is designed like a class at school and takes into account research recommendations into how youth learn best.

Prior to each practice players will be sent a full video lesson on topics and concepts for that week’s session.  These videos will show on-ice teaching of skills to be taught and will provide players with example videos of junior, college, and/or pro players using the skills/concepts.

Players should watch these videos to get mentally prepared for the concepts to be taught.  Just like in school, teachers assign students readings from a textbook before going to class to introduce them to topics for that day.

In addition, each video lesson will have a quiz at the end of it that players should complete.  The quiz acts as a players homework and will help them mentally prepare and critically think about skills to be addressed.

Players will then attend practices and go over the skills and concepts for that day.  After practice session players should go home, re-watch teaching video and re-do session quizzes.  Research shows when a student reviews a topic learned within 24 hours they are more likely to retain what they learned. 

After a base of skills is built, controlled scrimmages and scrimmage drills will be used to connect concepts/skills together and to games (Practice Tests). 

The three games are tests, giving players the opportunity to use skills from practice in games.  The video from these games will be broken down with voiced corrections (test correction) for players to review and learn from after. 

This camp aims to teach players how to “think the game,” develop a base and make better decisions using their skills more effectively.  To do that players have to become a student of the game.  This program will offer players every opportunity to become that student and improve their hockey IQ.  Practices and concepts will be age dependent with each practice building off the one prior. 

Outside of this camp, players are offered great discounts to play in the 3 on 3 Cross-ice League, Small Group Skill Sessions and Forward-Defense Skill sessions.  This will allow players the ability make an all-around tailored program to their exact needs! 

Learning is a skill!  Teaching is a science!


Midget-Junior Program Schedule (2003, 2004, 2005 birth years)

Please see registration form for availability and/or sign up. When signing up please make sure to select correct player position!
Tuesday April 218:00-9:30pmPractice #1Holiday Rinks
Tuesday April 288:00-9:30pmPractice #2Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 58:00-9:30pmPractice #3Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 128:00-9:30pmPractice #4Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 198:00-9:30pmPractice #5Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 268:00-9:30pmGAME #1Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 28:00-9:30pmPractice #6Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 98:00-9:30pmPractice #7Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 168:00-9:30pmPractice #8Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 238:00-9:30pmPractice #9Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 308:00-9:30pmPractice #10Holiday Rinks
Tuesday July 78:00-9:30pmGAME #2Holiday Rinks



How Do I know my Sign Up Form was submitted?

You know your form was submitted if you are redirected to a page stating your submission has been sent as well as be redirected to sign a liability waiver.

You will receive an automatic email copy of your submission form sent in and you should then receive a personal email within 24-48 hours confirming that the submission was received, spot availability as well as payment information.

Please note filling out a the submission form does not guarantee players a spot in camp(s).  You should receive a personal email confirmation within 24-48hours confirming that submission was received and whether spots are still available for your requests.