Mini Mite Season Program

NEW! For the 2024 – 2025 season Mark Zarbo Hockey is adding a Full Season Mini Mite Program.


This program is 2 ice times per week (2.5 hours ice per week) for a total of 43 total practices (54 hours) September – March. We will only take 32 total players in the program. Program days are Sundays (4:30 – 6:00pm at Riverside Rink) and then either Tuesday or Thursdays (5:00 – 6:00pm at Nichols Small Rink). Sundays the whole program skates together (all 32 players). Sundays will be a mix of skill-based games and station-based skill work. Sundays will also include 3 v 3 League games for the last 13 weeks. Tuesdays & Thursdays is a small group skills day (16 players per day). As part of sign-up players pick either Tuesday or Thursday as their second day of ice. Tuesday & Thursdays are meant to give players more 1 v 1 attention and smaller group work. In total 22 Sundays (33 hours) and 21 Tuesday/Thursday ice times (21 hours). No ice Thanksgiving week & weekend, February Break Week, Christmas Break weeks or Super Bowl Sunday. See below for exact schedule of dates.


The purpose of this program is to give mini mite age players an all-in-one program complete with quality skills training, small group training and 3 v 3 League. This program will focus and have the goal of providing every player a solid foundation of skating and basic puck skills by seasons end. Practice sessions will introduce and focus on basic edge work, skating skills and puck/stickhandling skills. Skill based games will also be used frequently to keep all ice time fun and backing up skills learned.


This is not a beginner learn to skate or hockey introduction beginners’ program. Players must be able to skate already (no walkers), push/skate with both feet and have ability to skate with the puck. Players should have at least 1 year of hockey experience and show good ability to follow directions/instruction on the ice. This program is not appropriate for players below that level of ability.


For ages 3 – 5 years old (2018 – 2020 birth years).

**Please note if you have a player not a birth year listed but feel they are at the level of this program please contact


As part of the first ice session players will be put through a basic timed skating test. The purpose of this test is to split players into 4 groups of players their level for Sunday Station work. This will help ensure all groups are close in level and ability for skill works and games. This test will be used to track player progress throughout the season.

3 v 3 LEAGUE

The last 13 Sundays we will add in a 3 v 3 Cross-ice League. For these Sundays, the first 50 – 60 minutes of Sundays will be station-based skill work. The last 30 minutes will be saved for a 3 v 3 League Game. Players will be split into 4 equal teams (8 players each). Each week 1 player will play goalie, this will rotate among all players. That gives each team 7 players, 1 goalie for their game each week. The first 3 weeks will be “pre-season,” getting things down for the players and evening out teams if needed. The league will be 9 regular season games (each team plays each other 3x) with the last Sunday being a playoff and Championship. The games will be 20 minutes in length (2 – 10-minute periods). Horn sounds every minute for players to change keeping ice time equal. Standings & score to be kept. No individual stats to be tracked.


Mark Zarbo will be the head instructor for all ice times and looking to recruit a staff of 8 coaches. For Sundays, we are looking for 8 coaches’ total. One coach to run each station and one coach to rotate with every group. That way there are 2 coaches per group at each station (1:4 ratio). For Tuesdays and Thursdays looking for 4 coaches to keep the 1 : 4 coaches to player ratio. To encourage coaches’ commitment to the program and attendance coaches can earn up to half their tuition back. Every practice a coach attends earns them a specified credit for that session. If a coach where to attend all 43 of their players practices, they can earn back up to half the tuition from the program. If interested in coaching, please check mark box on sign up form.

Cost: $725                          (54 hours ice — $13/hour of ice)

  • 32 total players
  • 1:4 player to coach ratio
  • Sundays ice at Riverside Arena
  • Tuesdays or Thursdays at Nichols Small Rink, choose at sign up
  • Practice & Game Jerseys Provided
  • Small group training
  • Testing/Evaluation tracking
  • Quality skills training
  • 3 v 3 Cross-Ice League

Mini Mite Program Schedule

Below is the full camp schedule. All players attend Sundays. Players choose either Tuesday or Thursday as their 2nd ice time. See sign up form for spot availability.
Sunday Sept 154:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdaySept 175:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdaySept 195:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundaySept 224:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdaySept 245:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdaySept 265:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundaySept 294:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayOct 15:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayOct 35:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
Sunday Oct 64:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayOct 85:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
Thursday Oct 105:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayOct 134:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayOct 155:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayOct 175:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayOct 204:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayOct 225:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayOct 245:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayOct 274:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayOct 295:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayNov 34:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayNov 55:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayNov 75:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayNov 104:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
TuesdayNov 125:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayNov 145:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayNov 174:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 Pre-Season
TuesdayNov 195:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayNov 215:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayNov 244:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 Pre-Season
TuesdayDec 35:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayDec 55:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayDec 84:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 Pre-Season
TuesdayDec 105:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayDec 125:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayDec 154:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #1
TuesdayDec 175:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayDec 195:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayJan 25:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayJan 54:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #2
TuesdayJan 74:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink
ThursdayJan 95:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayJan 124:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #3
TuesdayJan 145:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayJan 165:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayJan 194:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #4
TuesdayJan 215:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayJan 235:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayJan 264:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #5
TuesdayJan 285:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayJan 305:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayFeb 24:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #6
TuesdayFeb 45:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayFeb 65:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
TuesdayFeb 115:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayFeb 135:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayFeb 164:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #7
SundayFeb 234:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #8
TuesdayFeb 255:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayFeb 275:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayMarch 24:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 #9
TuesdayMarch 45:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
ThursdayMarch 65:00 - 6:00pmNichols Rink
SundayMarch 94:30 - 6:00pmRiverside Rink3 v 3 Playoffs

Cancellation, Weather & Payment Policies!

Payment for program is due August 1st. Cancellations after August 1st can only be refunded if player is found to fill the spot for the cancellation.

Please see Cancellation, Weather & Payment Policy Page.  Click link to view.