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Summer Small Group Skill Sessions

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Summer is the time for each player to get better individually and develop skills typically not covered in the regular season. Small group training is the best way to do that.  These are half ice skill sessions. Players will get a lot of 1 on 1 attention/teaching and repetitions to maximize practice and learning.

Topics to choose from include Overspeed Skating, Stickhandling & Puck Control, Shooting Skills, Passing & Puck Movement and Battling & Puck Protection skills.  Players are able to pick and choose what sessions they would like to attend as well as any combination of sessions.  Discounts are offered based on number of sessions chosen.  All sessions are at Holiday Twin Rinks.

Sign up is first come first serve for all sessions.  See below for details, schedule & descriptions of sessions.

To see program availability and/or to sign up for any/all Spring & Summer Programs, please go to the sign up form at the very bottom of page.  


Cost per single session is $25/player 

6-10 total sessions price drops to $22/session 

11-14 total sessions price drops to $20/session 

15 or more total sessions price drops to $18/session


  • Any player signed up for the Hockey IQ, Mite or Midget Programs are eligible to attend any number of skill sessions at discounted rate of $17/session.
  • Any player signed up for 10 or more small group skill sessions is eligible to attend any number of the Forward or Defense Skill sessions at the discounted rate of $20/session.



Overspeed Skating: Purpose of the overspeed skating group is to get players faster and quicker with and without the puck. Hockey is not played in a straight line, the best players are able to use their edges to cut sharper, maintain their balance all with full control of the puck. This group will focus on edge, balance, forward to backward speed, change of direction skills (turns- stop/starts) and foot/hand coordination skills to push players out of their comfort zone.


Stickhandling & Puck Control: Purpose of the stickhandling groups is to learn a wide variety stickhandling techniques & to control the puck while skating at high speeds/through traffic situations.  Skills to be addressed are quick dribble, faking, toe drag skills, stickhandling range skills, combination of stickhandling skills, puck handling in small areas and through traffic as well as moves such as front fakes, push-pull, toe drag, backhand toe drags and others!


Shooting Skills: To score more goals you have to have a good shot and possess the ability to release your shot in many different ways. Examples of skills to be learned throughout the summer (age dependent) are: basic shooting mechanics (wrist, snap, slap shots), changing angles, shooting out of move/fakes (backhand & forehand skills), one-timers, catch & release skills, shooting out of a crossover and shooting in stride.  Shooting skills topics covered are age dependent.


Passing & Puck Movement:  Passing is one of the most underrated skills in hockey.  Players will be challenged in both giving and receiving passing in a variety of ways and situations.  A play is only as good as a pass given and a pass received. A team is only as good as their ability to make and execute plays! Sessions will focus on passing technique, variety types of passes (saucer, one-touch, flip passes, indirect passes, area passes), efficiency of using both forehand and backhand, receiving passes and finding and seeing passing lanes in multiple ways.


Battling & Puck Protection: Protecting the puck is vital skill for hockey.  Sessions will focus on players ability to protect the puck in variety of situations, as well how to use your skating skills to manipulate/read forecheckers to create space.  Players that understand puck protection and how create space for themselves are the ones who have that ability to create something out nothing and/or are able to maintain puck possession until a lane or play opens up.  Skills/Area to be addressed:  Neutral Zone Retrievals, Breakout Retrievals, Offensive Zone Retrievals, How to read/manipulate opposing players, Net Drive Skills, General Puck protection Skills, Puck protection Skating Skills.  (Only offered for Pewee, Bantam, Midget age group)


Mite, Squirt, Pewee Minor Schedule (2009 and Younger Birth Years)

Please note below is the spring/summer schedule. To see what sessions are available or to sign up, please go to the registration form.
DayDateTimeSession TopicHead InstructorRink
SundayApril 195:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 196:00-7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 197:00-8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 198:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 265:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 266:00-7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 267:00-8:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 268:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 35:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 36:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 37:00-8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 38:00-9:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 135:15-6:15pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 136:15-7:15pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 137:15-8:15pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 138:15-9:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 177:00-8:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 178:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 315:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 316:00-7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 317:00-8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 318:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 75:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 76:00-7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 77:00-8:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 78:00-9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 105:15-6:15pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 106:15-7:15pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 107:15-8:15pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 108:15-9:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 145:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 146:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 147:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 148:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 285:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 286:00-7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 287:00-8:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 288:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 15:15-6:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 16:15-7:15pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 17:15-8:15pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 18:15-9:15pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 125:00-6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 126:00-7:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 127:00-8:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 128:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 195:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 196:00-7:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 197:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 198:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 265:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 266:00-7:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 267:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 268:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 25:00-6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 26:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 27:00-8:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 28:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 95:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 96:00-7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 97:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 98:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday Rinks


Pewee, Bantam, Midget Schedule (2009 and Older Birth Years)

Please note below is the spring/summer schedule. To see what sessions are available or to sign up, please go to the registration form.
DayDateHead InstructorTimeSession TopicRink
SundayApril 19TBA5:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 19TBA6:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 19TBA7:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 19TBA8:00-9:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 26TBA5:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 26TBA6:00-7:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 26TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayApril 26TBA8:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 3TBA5:00-6:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 3TBA6:00-7:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 3TBA7:00-8:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 3TBA8:00-9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 13TBA5:15-6:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 13TBA6:15-7:15pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 13TBA7:15-8:15pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
WednesdayMay 13TBA8:15-9:15pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 17TBA7:00-8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 17TBA8:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 31TBA5:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 31TBA6:00-7:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 31TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayMay 31TBA8:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 7TBA5:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 7TBA6:00-7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 7TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 7TBA8:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 10TBA5:15-6:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 10TBA6:15-7:15pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 10TBA7:15-8:15pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJune 10TBA8:15-9:15pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 14TBA5:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 14TBA6:00-7:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 14TBA7:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 14TBA8:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 28TBA5:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 28TBA6:00-7:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 28TBA7:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayJune 28TBA8:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 1TBA5:15-6:15pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 1TBA6:15-7:15pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 1TBA7:15-8:15pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
WednesdayJuly 1TBA8:15-9:15pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 12TBA5:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 12TBA6:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 12TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 12TBA8:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 19TBA5:00-6:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 19TBA6:00-7:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 19TBA7:00-8:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 19TBA8:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 26TBA5:00-6:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 26TBA6:00-7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 26TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayJuly 26TBA8:00-9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 2TBA5:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 2TBA6:00-7:00pmBattling & Puck ProtectionHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 2TBA7:00-8:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 2TBA8:00-9:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 9TBA5:00-6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 9TBA6:00-7:00pmOverspeed SkatingHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 9TBA7:00-8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementHoliday Rinks
SundayAugust 9TBA8:00-9:00pmShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks



How Do I know my Sign Up Form was submitted?

You know your form was submitted if you are redirected to a page stating your submission has been sent as well as be redirected to sign a liability waiver.

You will receive an automatic email copy of your submission form sent in and you should then receive a personal email within 24-48 hours confirming that the submission was received, spot availability as well as payment information.

Please note filling out a the submission form does not guarantee players a spot in camp(s).  You should receive a personal email confirmation within 24-48hours confirming that submission was received and whether spots are still available for your requests.