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Summer is the time for each player to get better individually and develop skills typically not covered in the regular season.  Players will get a lot of 1 on 1 attention/teaching and repetitions to maximize practice and learning.

Topics to choose from include Skating & Stickhandling, Overspeed Skating, Stickhandling & Puck Control, Shooting Skills, and Passing & Puck Movement.   Players are able to pick and choose what sessions they would like to attend as well as any combination of sessions.  Discounts are offered based on number of sessions chosen.  All sessions are at Holiday Twin Rinks.

Sign up is first come first serve for all sessions.  See below for details, schedule & descriptions of sessions.  


Age Groups:

YOUNGER = Mite, Squirt, Pewee Minor (2011 – 2016 birth years)

**Note these skill sessions are not appropriate for beginner level players.

OLDER = Pewee, Bantam, Midget (2011 – 2004 birth years)

Please contact us if any questions on age groups!

1 – 6 sessions price is $25/session

7 – 11 sessions price drops to $22/session  (12% discount)

 12 – 15 sessions price drops to $20/session   (20% discount)

16 or more sessions price drops to $18/session   (28% discount)

**Players signed up for our Mite, Hockey IQ, Girls or Midget Programs are eligible to attend any number of skill sessions for $17/session!

Flexible Player Sign Up!

Players are able to pick and choose the sessions they would like to attend as well as any combination of sessions.  Discounts are offered based on number of sessions chosen.  

Family Multi-Player Discounts!

Families signing up multiple players up for skill sessions can add the total number of sessions signing up for together.  This will get them to per session discounted rates faster.  Example if a family has 2 players and sign each up for 6 sessions for a total of 12 sessions, the cost of each is $20/session and not $25/session (savings of $60).  In addition, if 1 player in a family is eligible for an advertised discount to another program then all players in that family are eligible for that same discount to the other program for that season.

Sign Ups Add Together Throughout Spring/Summer!

If you sign your player(s) up for sessions to start the season and then decide to add more later sessions later and it puts you into another discount tier then that new discounted rate would apply to all sessions, even if some of those sessions have already past.  This new discount would be taken into account on the new total.  Example, if you original signed your player up for 8 sessions ($22/session, $176 total) and then add 8 more sessions at another time, it would now be 16 total sessions ($18/session, $288 total – $176 previous paid = $112 balance).

Note, the adding together of sessions only lasts for that season of dates and resets each new season.  In addition, if a player cancels sessions, then the cost per session would revert to whatever discount tier is appropriate per session.

Cancellation, Weather & Payment Policies!

Please see Cancellation, Weather & Payment Policy Page.  Click link to view.

Skating & Stickhandling Skill Sessions are full ice (~20 players) while the Overspeed Skating, Shooting, Passing & Puck Control Sessions are 1/2 ice sessions (~12 players).  See below for session descriptions.

Overspeed Skating Skill Sessions
The purpose of overspeed/skating sessions is to push players outside their comfort zone with edge control, change of direction skating skills (stop/starts, pivots), quickness and lateral movement skills both with and without the puck.  The game of hockey is all about change of direction, lateral movement, strength and efficiency of players on their skates.


Skating, Stickhandling & Puck Control Skill Sessions
The purpose of the Skating, Stickhandling & Puck Control Skill Sessions is to challenge a players puck handling ability while skating.  These sessions will dive into a wide variety of moves/dekes and skills that involve skating with the puck.  

Stickhandling & Puck Control Skills
The purpose of the Stickhandling & Puck Control Skills is to isolate and break down stickhandling mechanics and skills.  A big difference between players is their ability to handle the puck.  Skills in these sessions will be age/level dependent.


Shooting Skill Sessions
The purpose of the Shooting Skill Sessions is to teach proper shooting mechanics as well as challenge a players ability to get shots off quickly and efficiently.  To be a good shooter you have to be able to shoot the puck from anywhere at any time using either leg, forehand or backhand, all types of shots (wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots), little to no setup of the puck, one timer or catch & release, shooting in stride or out of crossovers.  Skills in these sessions will be age/level dependent.


Passing/Puck Movement Sessions
Passing is one of the most underrated skills in hockey.  Players will be challenged in both giving and receiving passing in a variety of ways and situations.  A play is only as good as a pass given and a pass received. A team is only as good as their ability to make and execute plays! Sessions will focus on both parts of passing and efficiency of using both forehand and backhand, finding and seeing passing lanes in multiple ways.


Mite, Squirt, Pewee Minor Schedule (2011 and Younger Birth Years)

Please note below is the spring/summer schedule NOT the currently available sessions. To see what sessions are available or to sign up, please go to the registration form at very bottom of the page.
DayDateTimeSession TopicHead InstructorRink

May 1st5:00 - 6:00pm
Shooting Skills

May 1st6:00 - 7:00pm
Overspeed Skating
SundayMay 1st7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayMay 1st8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 4th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 4th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 11th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 11th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 18th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 18th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd6:15 - 7:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd7:15 - 8:15pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd8:15 - 9:15pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 25th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 25th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 1st5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 1st6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th5:00 - 6:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th8:00 - 9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 8th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 8th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th5:00 - 6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 15th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 15th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 22nd5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 22nd6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 29th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 29th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd6:00 - 7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd7:00 - 8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 6th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 6th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th5:00 - 6:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th8:00 - 9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 13th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 13th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 20th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 20th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th5:00 - 6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 27th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 27th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 31st5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 31st6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 31st7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 31st8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 3rd5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 3rd6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 10th5:30 - 6:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 10th6:30 - 7:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 17th5:00 - 6:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 17th6:00 - 7:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday

Pewee, Bantam, Midget Schedule (2011 and Older Birth Years)

Please note below is the spring/summer schedule of dates NOT the currently available sessions. To see what sessions are available or to sign up, please go to the registration form at the very bottom of the page.
DayDateTimeSession TopicHead InstructorRink
SundayMay 1st5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayMay 1st6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayMay 1st7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayMay 1st8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 4th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 4th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 11th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 11th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th5:00 - 6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 15th7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck Control
SundayMay 15th8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 18th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 18th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd6:15 - 7:15pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd7:15 - 8:15pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayMay 22nd8:15 - 9:15pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 25th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayMay 25th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & Stickhandling
WednesdayJune 1st7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 1st8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th6:00 - 7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJune 5th7:00 - 8:00pmPassing & Puck Movement
SundayJune 5th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 8th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 8th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJune 12th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 15th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 15th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & Stickhandling
WednesdayJune 22nd7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & Stickhandling
WednesdayJune 22nd8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th5:00 - 6:00pmShooting Skills
SundayJune 26th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJune 26th8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 29th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJune 29th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd5:00 - 6:00pmPassing & Puck Movement
SundayJuly 3rd6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 3rd8:00 - 9:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 6th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 6th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th6:00 - 7:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th7:00 - 8:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 10th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 13th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 13th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th5:00 - 6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed Skating
SundayJuly 17th7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 17th8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 20th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 20th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th5:00 - 6:00pmStickhandling & Puck ControlTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th6:00 - 7:00pmPassing & Puck MovementTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th7:00 - 8:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 24th8:00 - 9:00pmOverspeed SkatingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 27th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayJuly 27th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & Stickhandling
SundayJuly 31st5:00 - 6:00pmShooting SkillsTBAHoliday
SundayJuly 31st6:00 - 7:00pmOverspeed Skating
SundayJuly 31st7:00 - 8:00pmStickhandling & Puck Control
SundayJuly 31st8:00 - 9:00pmPassing & Puck Movement
WednesdayAugust 3rd7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 3rd8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 10th7:30 - 8:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 10th8:30 - 9:30pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 17th7:00 - 8:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday
WednesdayAugust 17th8:00 - 9:00pmSkating & StickhandlingTBAHoliday

How do I sign up for programs?!


To sign-up for programs, please fill out the form below.  Sign ups are ONLY accepted by filling out form below.

Step #1:  Fill out parent/guardian contact information.

Step #2:  Select how many players you are wanting to sign up for programs.  After selecting desired number of players wanting to sign up, that number of requested player sign-up forms will appear.

Step #3:  Fill out your player’s information.

Step #4:  Check mark the box next to all programs wanting to sign the player up for.  After check marking the box next to programs interested in, further information for that program will appear.  Follow directions for each program to complete sign up.

Repeat step #3 – 4 for the desired amount players wanting to sign up.

After filling out and submitting sign-up form you will re-directed to a new page to fill out liability waiver.  In addition, you will receive an email receipt of your sign-up form with copy of your sign up, invoice and payment information.  Please make sure to double check, save and print out this email receipt for your records.  You are responsible for all dates signed up for.



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