Pro, College, Junior Summer Program

For summer 2024 we are offering 2 days of ice. Mondays 3:30 – 5:00pm & Tuesdays 3:00 – 4:30pm, both days are at Holiday Rinks. Mondays is skills day. We will focus on skating, puck control, shooting/scoring skills. Skills will be applied into game situations. Tuesdays will be a compete & games day. Each Tuesday will have a different topic focusing on skills and concepts surrounding that topic. Topics will include but not limited too, battling & wall skills, offensive zone concepts, offensive rotation skills, breakout skills, rush concepts & transition concepts.

This program is built as a progression of skills and concepts building week to week. The day of each ice time, players will be emailed a video describing the practice plan for the day and any relevant game film examples. Players should watch the video to prepare themselves for training that day.

Players can sign up for as few or as many sessions as they want. We will only be taking 18 players and 3 goalies per session. Sign up form lists all currently open dates. To sign up please fill out sign up form below and select all dates. Payment for all dates is due for all dates June 1st.

“Full Time” Player Cost: $27 per ice time (10% discount, $18/hour)

  • Sign up for 12 or more sessions to be eligible. 20 total ice sessions available.
  • Per the discount, a player who signs up for at least 12 ice times is receiving 1 ice time free.
  • Discount must be applied manually after sign up received. Invoice will not reflect discount. Look for message noting discount has been applied.

Non – Full Time Player Cost: $30 per ice time ($20/hour)

  • Any player signing up for less than 12 sessions


Goalies are part of all games, drills and will receive lots of shots each ice time. There will be no goalie coach provided. For that reason, goalies’ cost is $15/ice time ($10/hr ice).


Mark Zarbo

Jon Christiano

  • Jersey provided for full time players

  • Video of practice plan and any relevant game film emailed day of session
    • Emailed to any player signed up for that day.

Pro, College, Junior Schedule

MondayJune 33:30 - 5:00pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJune 43:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 103:30 - 5:00pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJune 113:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 173:30 - 5:00pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJune 183:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 243:30 - 5:00pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJune 253:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 83:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJuly 93:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 153:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJuly 163:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 22 3:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJuly 233:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 293:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayJuly 303:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayAugust 53:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayAugust 63:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks
MondayAugust 123:00 - 4:30pmSkills DayHoliday Rinks
TuesdayAugust 133:00 - 4:30pmCompete & Games DayHoliday Rinks

How do I sign up for programs?!

To sign-up for programs, please fill out the form below.  Sign ups are ONLY accepted by filling out form below.

Step #1:  Fill out parent/guardian contact information. If signing up yourself just enter your information.

Step #2:  Select how many players you are wanting to sign up for programs.  After selecting desired number of players wanting to sign up, that number of requested player sign-up forms will appear. If just yourself, select 1.

Step #3:  Fill out the player’s information.

Step #4:  Check mark the box next to all programs wanting to sign the player up for.  After check marking the box next to programs interested in, further information for that program will appear.  Follow directions for each program to complete sign up.

Repeat step #3 – 4 for the desired amount players wanting to sign up.

After filling out and submitting sign-up form you will re-directed to a new page to fill out liability waiver.  In addition, you will receive an email receipt of your sign-up form with copy of your sign up, invoice and payment information.  Please make sure to double check, save and print out this email receipt for your records.  You are responsible for all dates signed up for.

Pro, College, Junior Program Sign Up Form

Make sure to double check and review your sign-up form before submitting. After submitting you will receive an emailed copy of your form as a receipt. Make sure to check for this email and save or print a copy for your records!


After selecting number of players, the signup forms for each player will appear.