St. Mary’s Skills Development Program

Mark Zarbo Hockey has teamed up with St. Mary’s Hockey program to again offer prospective and current St. Mary’s players a progressive Spring/Summer Skills program.

To see program availability and/or to sign up for any/all Spring & Summer Programs, please go to the sign up form at the very bottom of page.  



Tuesdays 9:30 – 10:30pm Incoming & Current Freshman

Thursdays 9:30 – 10:30pm Current Sophmores, Juniors, Senoirs


Cost: $200     (10 hours–$20/hour ice)

  • 10– 1 hour skill sessions
  • Overspeed Skating, Stickhandling & Puck Control, Passing & Puck Movement, Shooting Skills, and Battling & Puck Protection are the topics to be covered through the 10 weeks.
  • Jersey Provided
  • Discount Card to Front Row Sports (15% Off Skates & Sticks, 20% Off Protective Gear– Bauer excluded)
  • Discount to Summer Small Group Skill Sessions, $17/session for any number sessions (normally $25/single session– 32% discount)
  • Discount to Forward or Defense Skill Sessions, $20/session for any number of sessions (normally $25/single session– 20% discount)



Prospective, Incoming & Current Freshman Schedule

Tuesday April 219:30-10:30pmSkill Session #1Holiday Rinks
Tuesday April 289:30-10:30pmSkill Session #2Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 59:30-10:30pmSkill Session #3Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 129:30-10:30pmSkill Session #4Holiday Rinks
Tuesday May 199:30-10:30pmSkill Session #5Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 29:30-10:30pmSkill Session #6Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 99:30-10:30pmSkill Session #7Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 169:30-10:30pmSkill Session #8Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 239:30-10:30pmSkill Session#9Holiday Rinks
Tuesday June 309:30-10:30pmSkill Session #10Holiday Rinks

Current Sophmore, Junior, Senoir Program Schedule

Thursday April 239:30-10:30pmSkill Session #1Holiday Rinks
Thursday April 309:30-10:30pmSkill Session #2Holiday Rinks
Thursday May 79:30-10:30pmSkill Session #3Holiday Rinks
Thursday May 149:30-10:30pmSkill Session #4Holiday Rinks
Thursday May 219:30-10:30pmSkill Session #5Holiday Rinks
Thursday June 49:30-10:30pmSkill Session #6Holiday Rinks
Thursday June 119:30-10:30pmSkill Session #7Holiday Rinks
Thursday June 189:30-10:30pmSkill Session #8Holiday Rinks
Thursday June 259:30-10:30pmSkill Session#9Holiday Rinks
Thursday July 29:30-10:30pmSkill Session #10Holiday Rinks


How Do I know my Sign Up Form was submitted?

You know your form was submitted if you are redirected to a page stating your submission has been sent as well as be redirected to sign a liability waiver. 

You will receive an automatic email copy of your submission form sent in and you should then receive a personal email within 24-48 hours confirming that the submission was received, spot availability as well as payment information.

Please note filling out a the submission form does not guarantee players a spot in camp(s).  You should receive a personal email confirmation within 24-48hours confirming that submission was received and whether spots are still available for your requests.