Women’s Pro & College Summer Skills

This is an invite – referral only skate. Players must be playing professional or college hockey to participate. We are only taking 16 – 18 total players per skate. That gives us the ability to do small groups as well as split into 2 teams for compete drills and games. Head Instructors are Mark Zarbo & Jon Christiano (Former NHL Pro Scout & Coach).

Sessions are Monday & Thursday mornings 6:45 – 8:15am at Holiday Rinks. There are 20 total ice times starting June 5th to August 17th (schedule below). We understand that players will not be able to make every week or might leave for their teams prior. For that reason, you are allowed to pick and choose the dates you want to attend. Players who sign up for 12 or more dates are considered “full time” and are eligible for a discounted rate per ice time. We hope to release the rosters in April for all players to view. That way you can ensure this program is a good for fit for you and your summer training program. Payment is due by May 5th.

This program is built as a progression of skills and concepts building week to week. The day before each ice time, players will be emailed a video describing the practice plan for the day and any relevant game film examples. Mondays will focus on Skating, Hands/Puck Skills & IQ. Thursdays are going to focus on shooting/offensive skills (mechanics, timing, shot generation concepts). See below for detailed explanation of ice times & practices.

Players looking for ice time before June and/or after August 17th contact Mark Zarbo. With everyone coming home or leaving at different times, ice for those periods will be put together on a who is in town and wants to skate/train type basis.


Mark Zarbo

Jon Christiano (Former NHL Pro Scout & Coach)

“Full Time” Player Cost: $27 per ice time (10% discount, $18/hour)

  • Sign up for 12 or more sessions to be eligible
  • Per the discount, a player who signs up for all 20 ice times is receiving 2 ice times free ($60 discount)

Non – Full Time Player Cost: $30per ice time ($20/hour)

  • Any player signing up for less than 12 sessions

GOALIES!  Sal Lewczyk from Bob Janosz Goaltending will be present at all sessions for the 1st hour of each skate to work with the goalies. 3 – 4 goalies max. Goalies will either be with him in their own area and/or inside drills and games with the players (goalies will rotate between coach and drills). This will always keep the goalies engaged and active. Cost and discounts for the goalies is the same as the players!

  • Jersey provided for full time players

  • Video of practice plan and any relevant game film emailed day prior of session
    • Emailed to any player signed up for that day.

Practice Plans & Program Progression:


Everything in hockey can be related back to 3 things. Skating, Hands/Puck Skills & IQ (foundational skills). At the highest levels, its being elite at foundational skills combined with concept-situational details that separates player ability and determines success. Monday sessions will reflect that. Foundational Skills combined with situational concepts & details stacked together in a progressive manner.

Monday basic plan for each session is as follows. Ice times will start with ~20 – 30 minutes of skating and puck skills. These skills will be based on the topic – concepts of that day. After skating & puck skills we move into ~20 – 30 minutes of situational patterns, concepts and other skill work based on that day’s topics. Lastly, practice would finish with ~20 – 40 minutes of competitive drills and games highlighting either specific situations or use of skills & concepts of the day.

Research has demonstrated that the puck is outside the dots or near the wall 80% of the game. For this reason, Monday #1 & #2 will start with all skills-concepts pertaining to puck retrievals, 50 – 50 pucks, rims/bad pucks, puck protection & possession under pressure and most importantly that ability to make the next play and keep your offensive sequence alive. Monday #3 & #4 we will dive even more into that ability to make the next play. Concepts of finding “windows,” making interior plays, picks, puck support, drawing checks to you, open corner possessions, soft area & funnel concepts, beating your check off the wall & creating mini 2 v 1s. Monday #5 will highlight 1 v 1 situations, concepts of NZ chambers and depth lines in decision making, getting square to defender, use of lateral movement/changes of speed & puck protection rush skills. Monday #6 we build off practice #5 move into offensive rush skills. Concepts behind creating opportunities without the puck, detailed middle driver skills, use of NZ chambers & depth lines, breaking the defense down into mini 2 v 1s. Monday #7 we highlight skills pertaining to mini 2 v 1s all over the rink; neutral zone, offensive zone and off the rush. Ability to be a dual threat, deceptive skills, drawing checks to you, jumping past your check, use of picks and other off puck skills. Monday #8 & #9 we dive into offensive rotations. Hockey is no longer played 3 Forwards, 2 Defense. It has been and will continue to move toward 5 player rotation and filling of spots/positions. These 2 weeks will start to bring together all concepts & skills from whole summer as well as highlight use of other concepts such as high part of offensive zone (high 3 v 2, 2 v 1s), attacking downhill and off puck movement & rotations. Monday #10 will be the last practice of the program and will review all concepts & skills from the summer.


Working with Women’s professional & college players extensively these last 3 seasons, I have come to learn that, on average, shooting, scoring and around net puck skills are most players weakest skill set. With that stated, Thursdays are going to be based around improving shooting skills. At the foundational level this includes shooting mechanics of ability to shoot off either foot, catch & release, one timer situations and changing the shooting angle to name a few topics. Throughout the summer more advanced shooting skills such as timing, idea of soft areas to get open in, and other offensive concepts will be taught all based around the final outcome being getting into a quality area for a shot on net.

Thursday’s basic plan will start with skating skills always focusing on weight shifting & single leg balance/power. Shooting starts with your skating/feet. A player’s ability to weight shift, single balance & single leg power generation are vital to shooting ability. Next, we would move into shot mechanics for the skill topic of that day. After that we would perform drill, patterns or compete games built around the outcome of generating a quality shot.

I am not providing a practice-by-practice breakdown of Thursdays as it will be determined by the progression of the group with the skills each week. I want to make sure we take our time and not rush the building of these skills.

Women's Pro & College Summer Schedule

No ice Memorial Day (5/29) and no ice July 4th week. 21 ice times total!
MondayMay 226:45 - 8:15amBattle, Wall Skills, Making Next PlayHoliday Rinks
ThursdayMay 256:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJune 16:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 56:45 - 8:15amBattle, Wall Skills, Making Next PlayHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJune 86:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 126:45 - 8:15amPuck Support, Interior Small Area PlaysHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJune 156:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 196:45 - 8:15amPuck Support, Interior Small Area PlaysHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJune 226:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJune 266:45 - 8:15amIntro to Rush Skills, 1 v 1 ConceptsHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJune 296:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 106:45 - 8:15amOffensive Rush SkillsHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJuly 136:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 176:45 - 8:15amMini 2 v 1sHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJuly 206:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 246:45 - 8:15amOffensive Rotations Concepts & MovementHoliday Rinks
ThursdayJuly 276:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayJuly 316:45 - 8:15amOffensive Rotations Concepts & MovementHoliday Rinks
ThursdayAugust 36:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks
MondayAugust 76:45 - 8:15amReview!Holiday Rinks
ThursdayAugust 106:45 - 8:15amShooting SkillsHoliday Rinks

How do I sign up for programs?!

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After filling out and submitting sign-up form you will re-directed to a new page to fill out liability waiver.  In addition, you will receive an email receipt of your sign-up form with copy of your sign up, invoice and payment information.  Please make sure to double check, save and print out this email receipt for your records.  You are responsible for all dates signed up for.

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