Forward & Defense Skill Sessions (Spring/Summer)

The purpose of Forward & Defense Specific Skill sessions is to educate players on position specific skills, practice those skills and apply those skills to situations.

Players will be split into small groups of 4-6 players based on age and level of play.  Players signing up should be AAA/AA travel caliber skill level.

Players are able to pick and choose what sessions they would like to attend as well as any combination of forward or defense sessions.  Players do not have to be a forward or defenseman to attend that specific session.  Players are encouraged to learn the skills of all positions and situations from different points of view.  This will not only develop players physical skills but also their overall mental understanding of that position/situations making them a more well-rounded player.

To see program availability and/or to sign up for any/all Spring & Summer Programs, please go to the sign up form at the very bottom of page.  



Cost per single session is $25/player

5 or more sessions price drops to $22/session

9 or more sessions price drops to $20/session


 *Players signed up for Hockey IQ Program, Midget Program, Mite Program or 10 of the small group skill sessions are eligible to attend Forward & Defense Skills at discounted rate of $20/session for any number sessions.



Defense Specific Sessions
The purpose of the Defense Specific Skill Sessions is to breakdown the details and skills from a variety of situations and areas from a defenseman’s point of view.  Skills covered will be age group dependent.

Skills to be addressed throughout season include: Defensive Skating Techniques, in-zone defensive positioning/skills, 1 on 1 Defense Skills, Defensive Puck Retrieval Skills (Neutral Zone & Defensive Zone Retrievals), Regrouping-Breakout-Puck Support and Passing Skills, Offensive Zone Skills and Shooting Skills.


Forward Specific Sessions

The purpose of the Forward Specific Skill Sessions is to breakdown the details and skills from a variety of situations and areas from a forward point of view.  Skills covered will be age group dependent.

Skills to be addressed throughout season include: Offensive Skating Skills, Puck Protection Techniques, 1 on 1 Offensive Skills, Net Drive Skills, Offensive Puck Retrieval Skills (Neutral Zone, Offensive Zone, Rim Retrievals), Offensive Shooting and Passing Skills, Deceptive Skills (Changing the angle, fake shot to pass and fake passes to shots)


Mite - Pewee Minor (2010 & Younger Birth Years)

Sign-up form is at VERY bottom of the page. This is the full spring/summer schedule, NOT the currently available sessions. Sign-up form lists currently available sessions. Dates not on sign-up form have been filled. Use search box to filter out specific topics, months, days, times of sessions that you are looking for.
DayDateTimeSession Topic Head InstructorRink
WednesdayApril 145:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 146:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 285:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 286:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 55:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 56:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 125:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 126:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 195:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 196:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 265:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 266:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 25:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 26:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 95:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 96:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 165:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 166:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 235:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 236:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 305:00 - 6:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 306:00 - 7:00pmTBAHoliday Twin Rinks

Pewee, Bantam, Midget (2002-2008 birth years)

Below is the full summer schedule. To view available sessions or to sign up please see registration form. Players should be AAA/AA caliber to sign up.
DayDateTimeSession Topic Head InstructorRink
WednesdayApril 227:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 228:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 297:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayApril 298:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 67:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 68:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 207:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 208:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 277:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayMay 278:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 37:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 38:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 177:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 178:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 247:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJune 248:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJuly 87:15-8:15pmDefense SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks
WednesdayJuly 88:15-9:15pmForward SkillsTBAHoliday Twin Rinks



How Do I know my Sign Up Form was submitted?

You know your form was submitted if you are redirected to a page stating your submission has been sent as well as be redirected to sign a liability waiver.

You will receive an automatic email copy of your submission form sent in and you should then receive a personal email within 24-48 hours confirming that the submission was received, spot availability as well as payment information.

Please note filling out a the submission form does not guarantee players a spot in camp(s).  You should receive a personal email confirmation within 24-48hours confirming that submission was received and whether spots are still available for your requests.