3 v 3 Tournament Rules

  1. Each team must have a coach.  Coach can either stay on the bench or go on the ice with the team.  If on the ice with the team, the coach must be on skates and wear a helmet.
  2. All players must wear full protective hockey equipment.
  3. 2 end zones (blue line in) are used as playing area.  Foam pads will be laid across blue line to keep puck in and designate playing area.  Teams can stand in the neutral zone near the wall of their defending net. 
  4. Games are 30 minutes.  Two 15-minute halves.  3-minute warmup prior to game and a 1-minute break between periods.  Every team is guaranteed 4 games.  3 round robin and 1 playoff game.
  5. Change on the fly.  There is no horn to designate team line changes.  Teams will change on the fly as they please.
  6. Home team gets choice of net to shoot on or defend.  Teams will keep the same side the whole game.  In playoffs the higher seed team is designated the home team.
  7. Teams select jersey color at sign up or have 2 different color jerseys to use.
  8. Jerseys do NOT have to have numbers on the back but MUST be matching.  Mismatching jerseys are not acceptable.  Contact us if your team needs help with jerseys.
  9. There will be 1 referee and 1 scorekeeper per game provided by tournament.
  10. Minor penalties will be resolved with a penalty shot.  Penalty shot will be taken right away.  Both teams must clear away for penalty shot.  Puck is live right after shot is taken.
  11. No body checking at any age group.  Will be considered a minor penalty and will result in penalty shot.
  12. No slap shots.  Will be considered a minor penalty and will result in a penalty shot.
  13. Major penalties, fighting or any team misconduct on or off the ice will result in that player or team’s disqualification from remainder of tournament.  If a player is disqualified for a major penalty, the opposing team will receive 5 penalty shots as a result.  A team disqualification will result in forfeiting that game and all remaining games.
  14. Abuse of officials (by player, coach, parent) will result in a major penalty against that team.  If by a coach or parent, the whole team will be disqualified from tournament.  If by a player, that player will be disqualified from the tournament and opposing team awarded 5 penalty shots.  (See rule 28!)
  15. 3 pts for a win, 2 points for shootout win, 1 point for shootout loss, 0 points for a regulation loss
  16. There are no tie games!  In round robin there will be a sudden death shootout to determine winner.  In playoffs, there will be a 3-minute sudden death overtime.  If still tied after overtime, then sudden death shootout.  In shootouts, home team gets choice of shooting first or second.
  17. If a puck goes out of play, the last team to touch the puck will lose possession.  Referee will deem whose puck it is and where it will start from.  During re-start the defender must give his opponent 2-stick lengths of space.
  18. There are no offside or icing calls.  Play stops only for a penalty shot, goal or save by goalie.
  19. Players must change from near the wall of their defending net.  Players are not allowed to change from middle of zone.
  20. The only faceoffs are the 2 opening faceoffs of each period.  After a goal is scored or goalie freezes the puck, the offensive team must retreat past halfway mark of the zone.  The defensive team on should retrieve puck from their net or goalie and re-start play ASAP. 
  21. Tiebreakers for playoff seeding 1)Total Points   2) Head to Head    3) Most Wins  4) Least goals against   5) Team +/-   6) Most Goals Scored   7) Coin Toss
  22. NO VALUABLES allowed in locker rooms.  Rooms will NOT be locked, and many teams will share the same locker room.  We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  23. Maximum of 9 skaters and 1 goaltender per team (all teams must have their own goalie). 
  24. 3-minute warm-up, 1 minute break between periods.  Games are 30 minutes, two 15-minute running time periods.  
  25. During warmups, teams must stay on their half of the zone.  Pucks will be provided for teams during warmups.
  26. All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled time.  Games could start up to 15 minutes earlier then scheduled time.
  27. Prizes to Division Champions will be provided immediately after Championship Game.
  28. Most important rule for all players, coaches, parents = Don’t be a jerk!  This is meant to be a fun, competitive tournament!